Hong Kong Launch & Presentation Dinner 2019


    100 Top Chinese Restaurants of the World
    Launch & Presentation Dinner   Release Industry Awards Capacity Attendance of 133 Guests
    100 Restaurants List 29 from Hong Kong | 48 from Mainland China |2 from India

    (22 January 2019, Hong Kong)Chinese Cuisine is a privilege that Chinese chefs are only too happy to share with the whole world. The more people enjoy Chinese cuisine, the greater it becomes.

    For the first time ever, we now have a collection of the 100 Top Chinese Restaurants of the World, which not only lists the 100 top Chinese restaurants, but also introduces to the readers about the restaurants’ background and their stories, as well as how they inherit, preserve and develop Chinese food culture. In the magazine, restaurant dishes are paired with wines from around the world.

    100 Top Chinese Restaurants of the World Launch & Presentation Dinner is held on 21 January at Fook Lam Moon, Wanchai. Well-known chefs, restaurateurs, sommeliers, and wine and food aficionados from the world join the party. They are Jean Philippe Delmas, Chief Winemaker of Domaine Clarence Dillon, Fuchsia Dunlop, award-winning author of cookbooks, Cynthia LEUNG, General Manager of Corporate Affairs of Hong Kong Tourism Board, LU Yang MS, Corporate Wine Director of Shangri-La Group, China’ s first Master Sommelier, Professor LI De Mei, wine consultant,Madame CHEN Lizhong, owner of Tiansai Winery, Zhang Jing, winemaker of Helan Qingxue Winery, Hong Kong food writer Walter Kei and China food writer Bob Miao.

    “Cuisine and culture are connected. China is the longest unbroken civilisation in the world. Chinese cuisine is therefore the longest, unbroken culinary tradition on our planet. 100 the publication, does not however contain a single recipe. 100 talks about restaurants, their background, their owners, chefs and, when dishes or a branch of Chinese cuisine is discussed, its history.” Publisher Ch’ng Poh Tiong said.

    (Launch & Presentation Dinner is NOT sponsored by any hotel and restaurant group.)

    29 Restaurants in 100 Are from Hong Kong | 48 Restaurants are from Mainland China

    To maintain the impartiality and neutrality in selecting the 100 restaurants, more than 200 were patronised and the meals were paid for. No restaurant – or hotel – is allowed to advertise in the magazine. The uppermost criteria for being included in 100 Top Chinese Restaurants of the World are:

    •  Quality of food
    •  Consistency of quality of food
    •  Authenticity
    •  Creativity (but not bling)

    During Launch and Presentation Dinner, 100 restaurants are announced. They are from Beijing, Shanghai, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Yangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, Shoaxing, Xi’an, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Foshan, Hong Kong, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Bangkok, Singapore, Tokyo, Melbourne, London, Paris, Bordeaux, New York, New Delhi and Mumbai. 

    Of the 100 Top Chinese Restaurants, 10 are selected as the Top 10. This year, 29 restaurants in  are from Hong Kong, while 3 of them are selected as the Top 10, they are:

    • Forum Restaurant
    • Guo Fu Lou
    • Sun Fook Kee

    In China, there are 48 100 restaurants being included in , while 6 of them are selected as the Top 10, they are:

    • 102 • Foshan
    • Zhu Rou Po • Foshan
    • Lu Ya • Shanghai
    • Seventh Son • Shanghai
    • Xie He • Suzhou
    • Yechun Teahouse •Yangzhou

    Besides, four industry prizes of 100 are presented during the dinner. These are:

    Chinese Cuisine City of the Year 2019 Hong Kong

    There is no other city in the world where the overall standard of Chinese cuisine is higher than in Hong Kong. The intense competition ensures this. The incredibly knowledgeable and demanding home-base Hong Konger customers further guarantees this very high standard. 

    Chinese Cuisine Ambassador of the Year 2019Shangri-La Group

    The Shangri-La Group’s focus on Chinese cuisine in their properties extends not only to Hong Kong and throughout China but also New Delhi and Paris.Shangri-La proudly – and uncompromising – shines a dazzling light on Chinese cuisine. 

    Chinese Restaurant of the Year 2019Fook Lam Moon • Hong Kong

    One of Hong Kong’s Most Legendary Restaurants. The history of Fook Lam Moon is a very important chapter in the culinary history of Hong Kong. In 1948, The Founder CHUI Fook Chuen set up a catering service name Fook Kee. The rich, famous and privileged of Hong Kong fell over each other to secure its culinary expertise. In 1953, Chui renamed his enterprise Fook Lam Moon, meaning “good fortune arriving at your door”. Fook Lam Moon became the darling of Hong Kong high society.

    Chinese Chef of the Year 2019 (Three Awardees)

    YEUNG Koon Yat • Forum Restaurant • Hong Kong
    A 87-year old legend, one of the most respected Chef of Chinese cuisine.YEUNG Koon Yat is better known as Ah Yat or “Number One”, the undisputed “Abalone King” of the Chinese culinary world. Yeung’s undisputed culinary pole position is as if Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Laurence Olivier and Orson Welles were all merged into one single embodiment of abalone acting. Think of abalone, one of the supreme delicacies of Chinese cuisine, and no other name emerges at the top of the queue. There’s actually no one else in the line.

    XU Jingye • 102 Restaurant • Foshan
    A 33-year young chef who serves the most outstanding Sweet Sour Pork in the world.XU Jingye has always had a passion for traditional Cantonese cooking, particularly that of Foshan where he was born. Youthful energy, enthusiasm, passion, and respect for tradition. At the same time, a bold creativity that is rooted on a solid foundation of classical dishes. Combines the old with the new brilliantly. 

    NI Qiu Xiang•Yechun Teahouse • Yangzhou
    A woman whose team prepares up to 50,000 buns a day for its three breakfast sittings at a restaurant going back more than a hundred years.Chef NI Qiu Xiang represents the fifth generation in her family to be devoted to Yangzhou cuisine. For the last 12 years, Ni has been tirelessly leading an army of kitchen staff to feed the millions who have been visiting Yechun for breakfast. The ability to produce up to 50,000 baos a day to such a high standard is ming-boggling. The breakfast at Yechun is famous in Yangzhou and throughout China.

    Two Chinese Restaurants in India Being Listed in 100

    Chinese food is popular and has a good image of being classy in India. This Year, two Chinse restaurants in 100 list are from India, they are Golden Dragon of Taj Palace in Mumbai and Shang Palace of Shangri-La Eros in New Delhi. 

    Because of the country and its cultures, some Chinese restaurants in India do not have beef dishes. Although pork is offered, it is not a popular meat with Hindus. For Muslims, that meat is of course forbidden. Vegetarianism being widespread in India, expect delicious vegetarian dishes, particularly dim sums which, in India, are served at lunch and also throughout dinner. 

    Supports from Respected Individuals in F&B Industry

    “Poh Tiong has created a restaurant guide that no other person could have donebecause of his knowledge, experience, exposure, and most importantly, his love of Chinese culture, of which Chinese cuisine is an important part. This is a celebration of the food that nourishes our bodies and souls, and the people who make this happen.”  -Bob Miao

    “My friend Poh Tiong is a wine expert, who has high reputation in the international wine industry. Poh Tiong has been promoting the pairing of Chinese cuisine with wine and has initiated 128 Bordeaux Wine Dinner in China, brought an exciting news in the Chinese wine industry. Recently Poh Tiong visits Chinese restaurants all around the world to find top restaurants and pairs their dishes with wines. The magazine has inspired me a brand-new vision by creating a global map of Chinese restaurants in the wine world.”- Walter Kei

    Media Photos– 21 January 2019

    Hong Kong is the Chinese Cuisine City of the Year 2019. Cynthia Leung, General Manager of Corporate Affairs of Hong Kong Tourism Boardrepresented Hong Kong receiving the award.
    From left: 100 Top Chinese Restaurants of the World Publisher Ch’ng Poh Tiong, Jean Philippe Delmas, Chief Winemaker of Domaine Clarence Dillon, Marcel Bertaud, Consultant of Champagne Laurent-Perrier, Fuchsia Dunlop, award-winning author of cookbooks, Cynthia Leung, General Manager of Corporate Affairs of Hong Kong Tourism Board,Hong Kong food writer Walter Kei,Peter Woo, Marketing Director of Edrington Hong Kong, May Wong, Senior Brand Manager of Edrington Hong Kong,Edouard Cossy, Regional Export Director of Champagne Laurent-Perrier.


    Andy Chan, Senior Director of Food & Beverage (Greater China) of Shangri-La Group, represented the Group to receive Chinese Cuisine Ambassador of the Year 2019 award from Jean Philippe Delmas, Chief Winemaker of Domaine Clarence Dillon.


    Fook Lam Moon is the Chinese Restaurant of the Year 2019. Hong Kong’s highly respected food writer and television personality Walter Kei presented the award to Duncan Chui, Executive Director of Fook Lam Moon, Janet Chui, Public Relations & Marketing Director of Fook Lam Moon. Duncan and Janet are the grandchildren of CHUI Fook Chuen, founder of Fook Lam Moon.


    Fuchsia Dunlop, award-winning author of cookbooks presented Chinese Chef of the Year 2019 to YEUNG Koon Yat, Founder of Forum Restaurant. (From left: Fuchsia Dunlop, award-winning author of cookbooks, YEUNG Koon Yat, Founder of Forum Restaurant,William Yau, Executive Director of Forum Restaurant)


    Fuchsia Dunlop, award-winning author of cookbooks presented Chinese Chef of the Year 2019 to XU Jingye, Chef of Foshan 102 Restaurant.