Shanghai • Meet The Bund


3/F, The Bund Finance Center, 600 Zhongshan East 2nd Rd, Huangpu Qu • 86 21 6377 7668
遇外滩 • 中山东二路600号BFC外滩金融中心三层

Meet the Bund is situated in The Bund Finance Center, the Shanghai waterfront enclave of buildings that include offices, shopping, restaurants, exhibitions and the Fosun Foundation, the non-profit organization of the Fosun Group, owner of the entire development which was designed jointly by Foster + Partners and Heatherwick Studio. The former is headed by British architect Lord Norman Foster, responsible also for the new winery at First Growth Chateau Margaux which was completed in 2015.

Chef CHEN Zhi Ping

Meet the Bund was opened as recently as December 2018. Proprietor WU Rong was born in Xiamen. Previously a chef in a 5-star hotel, at 16, the impassioned young man chose learning to cook over going to university. It was not an on-the-spur decision but one that could be traced back to his formative years.

‘When I was young, I went to the market with my father. We would buy fish, shrimps and crabs. When we got home, my father cooked them up. They were very delicious.  My passion for food and cooking started from  that time.’

Meet the Bund is not Wu Rong’s first restaurant. Back in 2011, together with business partner FU Yizhen, they opened Yan Yu, which soon grew into a chain in Xiamen. Following that, they opened yet another Fujianese restaurant in 2016 called Rong Xian.

Opening Meet the Bund in Shanghai – and at The Bund Finance Center no less – is to announce to the world Wu Rong’s ambition for Minnan or Fujian cuisine and his place on the culinary horizon of China’s most vibrant, and ambitious city. It’s a long way from the time a 16-year young Wu turned his back on university and began his odyssey as a kitchen helper washing plates and gutting fish.