Restaurants at a Glance

Shang Palace, Shangri-La

Situated next to the Jin River, Shang Palace is also near the popular Hejiang. Some tables not only overlook the Jin River but also the heart-stopping Jiuyang Qiao. The qiao or bridge was constructed during the late Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644) and is 120 metres in length and 25 metres wide. Chef Benson Peng learnt from master chef ZHANG Zhongyou  and has won gold medals at China’s National Sichuan Cuisine Skills Competition.

  • Delicious, authentic Sichuan cuisine
  • Stunning view of Jin River and Jiuyang Qiao
  • Award-winning chef

9 Binjiang E Rd, He Jiang Ting, Jinjiang Qu
 86 28 8409 7888

Xuan Xuan Xiao Yuan

Xuan Xuan Xiao Yuan serves Sichuan cuisine in the Rong tradition. Executive Chef ZHANG Yuanfu is fourth generation chef of the Rong school and was an apprentice of Master WANG Kaifa. The 75-year old Wang was himself an apprentice of Master ZHANG Songyun (1900 – 1982), the second–generation chef of the Rong Le Yuan restaurant which he had first entered when just 14 years young. Learning from his own mentor, Master LAN Guangjian. The menu at Xuan Xuan Xiao Yuan retains many innovations made by Master Lan Guangjian.

  • Rong Tradition of Sichuan cuisine
  • Situated in a touristic magnet of Chengdu
  • Represents link to a great tradition

42 Kuanxiangzi, Qingyang Qu
86 28 8409 7888