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Bing Sheng

Bing Sheng launched a signature dish  – the labour-intensive Shunde Raw Fish – when it was on the verge of closing down because of poor business. The bold move worked. And the restaurant thrived. Ultra fresh, very fine slivers of fish would be dipped in a sauce that includes peanut oil, ginger and shallot. Other specialities include different versions of Barbecued Char Siew Pork. One is sweet and the other a very exclusive part of the pork belly which is practically all fat. The skin, though, is razor-sharp crispy.

  • Labour-intensive Shunde Raw Fish
  • “Exclusive” Barbecued Char Siew Pork  (all fat)
  • Branches throughout Guangzhou

168 Tianhe East Road, Tianhe
 86 20 8751 8682

Guangzhou Restaurant

In 1935, Chen Xinghai opened a restaurant on the site that was the former Wenchang and Hongsheng Temple. At that time, it was called the Xi Nan or, literally, “West South”. However, it was burned down by the Japanese in 1938. What survived the conflagration was the Guang Gong shrine which was unaffected. Chen took this as a good omen. And, the following year, rebuilt the Guangzhou Great Restaurant, which still stands proudly today on one of the city’s busiest streets.

  • Established more than 84 years ago
  • Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange
  • A chain of 15 restaurants and famous for its mooncakes

No. 2 Wenchang South Road, Liwan District
86 20 81380388

New Hakka

Xinkejia or “New Hakka” was founded in October 2004. It has 12 branches throughout Guangdong with different names such as “New Hakka”, “Jie Po”, “Feng Jiang Yuan” and “Ke Ding”. Hakka cuisine is authentic home-cooking, without a hint of bling. This is the main branch in Guangzhou and the place is buzzing. Must-try dishes include Bean Curd Stuffed with Minced Pork and Mei Chai Pork Belly.

  • Hakka home-cooking cuisine
  • Popular restaurant that is always crowded
  • Authentic dishes without a hint of bling

38 Huale Road, Guangyi Building Level 3, Yuexiu Qu
86 20 8360 2036