Restaurants at a Glance

Chang’an Bridge, Grand Hyatt

Chang’an Bridge is the Grand Hyatt Xi’an’s premier Chinese restaurant. The hotel is part of the Maike Center which includes offices and high-end retail outlets. Located on the 23rd floor, it connects with Sky Bridge, offering diners heart-stopping views of Xi’an’s New Central Business District even as you feast on Cantonese, Shaanxi, and other Chinese regional specialities including Mongolian lamb ribs, and Peking Duck roasted in a traditional oven using wood from the date tree.

  • Offers different regional Chinese cuisines
  • Located on 23rd floor with stunning views of Xi’an
  • Has a traditional Peking Duck oven using wood from the date tree

Grand Hyatt Xi’an, No. 12, Jinye Road, High Tech Zone
86 29 8811 1234

Zui Changan

The queue is very long at Zui Changan. The fact it is situated in the Shuyan Gate is partly the reason as this is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. The cuisine is Shaanxi. Famous for its casual snacks, Shaanxi food also enjoys lamb and mutton because Xi’an was the starting point of the Silk Road which saw trade travelled back and forth between China and many lands under the Muslim faith.

  • Situated in famed Shuyan Gate
  • The queue can be incredibly long
  • Shaanxi cuisine including famous snacks

No.56 Shuyuan Men, Beilin District
86 29 8728 1828