Restaurants at a Glance

Xian Heng

Xian Heng is the most well-known eating destination in Shaoxing, the city which also gives its name to China’s fabled rice wine. Shaoxing is also the birthplace of Lu Xun (25 September 1881 – 19 October 1936), one of China’s best-loved writers. The statue outside Xian Heng is KONG Yiji, based on a real-life character out of one of Lu Xun’s no-holds-barred stories. Xian Heng, the restaurant, was actually opened by the author’s paternal uncle in 1894. Customers queue up in this self-service establishment. There’s Shoaxing by the glass (actually, it’s By the Bowl).

  • Shaoxing is birthplace of Lu Xun
  • Opened in 1894 by uncle of author
  • Only restaurant in 100 which is self-service

No.179 Lu Xun Middle Road, Shaoxing
 86 575 8511 6666