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Two of the greatest threats to food are:

• indifferent cooking

• people indifferent to good food

The first scenario is not so critical because there will always be chefs who care about what they cook and will do a good job.

The second situation is harder to rectify because indifference becomes a habit.

The Number One reason people are indifferent to food is the mobile phone.

The vast majority of us now eat while looking at or/and talking on the contraption.

If we did that when listening to music, we would not hear most of what is being sung or played.

How can we possibly taste – completely – what we eat if our eyes, mouth and mind are somewhere else?

Our teeth may be biting and we may be chewing but we are not savouring nor enjoying.

We are just feeding.

Animals do a better job. They don’t own mobile phones.

Go watch a goat sniff, pluck and then munch on a blade of grass while perched on the slope of a very steep mountain.

It is one of the most stimulating sights of how food is truly enjoyed.

CH’NG Poh Tiong’s paternal ancestry is Huai’an, Quanzhou, Fujian Province. On his maternal side, they are from Shunde, Guangdong. A trained lawyer, he holds a post-graduate Certificate in Chinese Art with Distinction from the School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London.

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